Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

My name is Lady Catherine Pinkerton and I am doomed to marry a king I do not...can not love.  Before I bore you with all those details, you first need know that this is not a story about "Alice in Wonderland."  This is my story...the story of the Queen of Hearts and how I came to be.  You see, I wasn't always so cruel.  I was kind, loving and thoughtful.  I love to bake because it gives me such pleasure to put the happiness of others before my own.  I bake simply delectable dishes if I must say so myself!  Marianne (my maid) and I are going to open a bakery some day!  I will not be told how to live my life or will I?  My parents expect me to marry the ridiculous King of hearts! I never thought I had any other choices until I met him.  Jest.  He's everything the king is not.  Brave. Funny. Quite Attractive. There is something here, but to no avail, my parents will have their way.  I didn't meant to fall in love with Jest.  It just happened.  I control my destiny!  I will not yield to the whimsical desires of others.  Join me on this magical journey of delectable treats, monsters, courtiers, kings, queens, and a Cheshire Cat!

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