Monday, October 5, 2015

The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith

Love is always unexpected and never happens as you plan.  My name is Lucy and I live in  NYC.  I live on the 24th floor of my apartment building.  It happened because of a blackout.  These aren't unusual for us, but it just so happens, my parents are in London and my twin brothers are in California at college.  It's a good thing our apartment building has a doorman,  but it stinks that I'm stuck on this elevator.  At least I'm not alone.  There's a boy on  the elevator with me.  Awkwaaaaard!  After all the small talk, he may not be so bad.  Owen.  That's his name and his dad is the new super in our building.  He's on his on and I'm on my own...for now at least  So, while the power is out, we figure we may as well be on our own together.  That one night changed my life.  I like him.  I really like him.  Unfortunately, my parents decide to move across the big pond to the UK.  We were over before we begin.  Postcards.  That's our thing.  Nothing like writing an old fashioned letter or postcard.  There's just something about the wait; the anticipation.  Email and texting seem so immediate.  From NYC to Edinburgh to Tahoe to Paris to San Francisco to London to Seattle and back to NYC.  Our story unfolds.  the geography of us:  Lucy and Owen.

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