Thursday, February 16, 2017

Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven

My name is Libby Strout and I am fat.I'm also known as, "America's Fattest Teen."   If that has been a struggle for me, how can you possibly have anything negative to say about me?  I mean, after all, it is MY struggle.  When my mom died, I didn't know how to cope and my dad....well...I don't blame him.  He's great and has always done the best he can.  He was grieving, too.  Once my weight was out of control, I'll never forget how humiliating it was to have the fire department cut me out of my home.  Literally, they had to cut out a wall to get me out of the house.  Sometimes you just want to forget, but the bullies won't let you.  Now!  I'm choosing me!  I'm an amazing person and if no one can appreciate that, too bad.  "Hey!  Get off me!  Let go! Jerk!  Nooooooo!" and then I punch his lights out!

Jack Masselin.  That's me.  I look good; I have a killer smile; and you want to be me.  Not really.  You don't want to be me because I have a secret.  I can't recognize faces from one minute to the next.  My parents don't even know.  I've managed to recognize people by identifiers, like voice, shape or color of your hair.  Easy stuff.  But sometimes, it doesn't work for me and man, does it get me in so much trouble!  Kissing girls who aren't my girlfriend.  Mistaking the wrong kid for my little brother and being accused of kidnapping him from a party.  Hugging girls that I don't know.  "Wait, did you just punch me?"  She did!  This mistake may have been the best thing that ever happened to me.

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